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Historic Division

With eight distinct historical areas to choose from, Mobile has some of Alabama’s finest historic homes. Many sites are documented as historical places and most are in the city limits, with a few scattered across Mobile county. Many home buyers find historic homes appealing, as they offer unique features that newer homes fail to deliver. Find out more about the allure of 12-foot ceilings, with crown molding, real hardwood floors, wainscoting, and the character found in many older homes of Mobil, AL.

When is a Home Historical?

The Mobile Historic Development Commission requires a building to be 75 years of age to receive historic marking. Robert's Brothers offers marketing services for historical homes. This includes special signage for historical properties. Our agents are educated in historic preservation and understand the challenges of these properties.

Something to consider about historical homes is that other factors besides age determine whether a building is eligible. Requirements are that buildings must be original and retain their architectural character. They must also be well maintained or restored to their former splendor to be considered.

Mobile’s Historic Districts

  • Ashland Place - 20th-century homes with Craftsman and late Victorian styles.

  • Church Street East - Historical homes from the 1820's to 1900. They include Victorian, Greek revival, Renaissance, Federal, Revival, and Italianate style homes.

  • De Tonti Square - Townhomes from 1840 is to 1860's with examples of Federal, Greek revival, and Italianate styles of architecture.

  • Leinkauf - Built between the 1820's and early 20th century, the homes here are available in many architectural styles.

  • Lower Dauphin - Offers some of the most impressive historical architecture in Mobile. Lower Dauphin has homes built from the 1820's to the early 20th century that includes many splendid commercial buildings.

  • Midtown - Homes from the 1880’s to 1950’s homes in Midtown are available in many architectural styles.

  • Oakleigh Garden - Centered on Washington Square, homes range from the 1820’s to the 1940's. They include many architectural styles.

  • Old Dauphin Way - The largest historical area of Mobile homes here were built between the mid-19th and 20th centuries. Architectural styles include Four Square, Gothic Revival, Greek revival, Queen Anne, Tudor, and Colonial historical homes.

The Value of Historical Homes

Beautiful and gracious, historical homes have architectural features of a past era. The Old World craftsmanship that shows through in the construction of historical homes is unique in every house. Many local and state programs are available to purchasers and owners of historical homes. Tax breaks and lower interest loans are often available to purchasers of historical homes.

It is Roberts Brother's desire to assist you with the purchase and sale of these architectural treasures. We proudly support the Mobile Historical Development Commission and its efforts to preserve our historical heritage.